A Scientific Consensus (Prologue)

“The creatures can’t even decide what to call themselves, by the Emptiness!” Director, Research Team One, snorted. “Not Ready.” “They have made spacefall, landed on their moon, have specific plans to send manned vehicles to their neighbor planet. Their technology will push them out of their solar system very quickly whether the planet unifies itself […]

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Test Case

Chapter I “Lucia!  Don’t be shy.  Come here and meet these charming boys,” Magda Dunning called out.  She turned, smiling, to the three handsome young men crowded about her.  “These meet and greet get-togethers tend to overwhelm Ms. Clarke.” Lucia looked towards her manager and nodded. I’m 72 years old – no need to be […]

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Captive Audience

Chapter I Jolene LaRue stared out the window of the Asiana flight taking her to Seoul, wondering how she should feel. I’ll pass that child on a shoot, nothing will happen and that will stop my nonsense, she thought angrily to herself. The current fixation with the whole ‘dream lover’ phenomena infuriated her. All of […]

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May to December

Chapter I “What the hell?” Kim Bon Jun, better known as BJ,  shook his head.  He felt bruised all over, and cold on top of it.  He’d opened his eyes and seen what looked like a streetlight.  Still dreaming, he supposed.  One of those mornings. Except he didn’t remember drinking the night before.  Of course […]

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